New Know1ng Trailer Looks Qu3st1onabl3


Alright, I’m admittedly biased against any Nicolas Cage movie, but Know1ng just looks, well, lame. It’s kind of like Final Destination meets The Number 23, and usually when you form a sentence like that you want at least one of the two movies to be good. There is a page of numbers written by some kid in the ’50s that has predicted every major (and minor) disaster since then. Really, all of them? Must be a pretty damn big piece of paper. Oh, it’s double sided, OK then.

Nic Cage goes all consipiracy theory and believes 89 people are going to die TODAY! He happens to be right when a plane crashes RIGHT NEXT TO HIM! What are the odds? Honestly, this just kind of makes me think that 2012 might not be so terrible, if only by comparision.

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