A Ridiculous Idea I Could Get Behind


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I’m sure this is some April Fool’s Joke pulled from somewhere, but honestly, I would totally watch a Batman sequel with NPH as the Riddler. He’s smart, charming and would probably execute some sort of awesome choreographed song and dance sequence. That might cut into the “dark” mood of these films a little bit, but I’d say it’s totally worth it.

Note to the artist: If you’re going to take the time carefully photoshop Neil Patrick Harris as The Riddler/a leprechaun, check your spelling before publishing. I’m not sure who Morgan “Freedman” is, and you’ve spelled two out of three words wrong in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s name.

  • gopman766

    I can dig it. NPH is the man.

  • Tishy

    Why not just have Batman vs. Dr. Horrible?

  • CNA

    I feel like maybe the spelling errors are intentional, to maybe NOT get everyone completely pumped about this possibility of this being real.

  • Sam

    Why does every fake Batman poster include Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin when Christopher Nolan has stated time and time again that The Penguin has no place in his universe? He’s way too outlandish of a character.

  • Josh

    @Sam: He wouldn’t be playing Penguin, he’d be playing Robin.

  • Henrik

    NPH would make a great Riddler, but im guessing the villain for the next film wont even be The Riddler. It’s been too amny casting rumors and fake posters out there and Nolan will go in another direction and suprice us.

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  • Cam

    NPH as the Riddler would be amazing.
    Not entirely sure if he would work with the Nolanverse mood.

    on a side note, http://www.gothamuprising.com has NOT been registered. Yet.

  • Mr Cinema

    I still would like Michael C. Hall as Riddler. Dexter FTW!

  • Name required, indeed!

    Jim Carrey’s Riddler’s cane makes me puke every time I see it. Exorcise that prop!

  • Matlock

    The poster says May 2010.

    That’s pretty much a dead give away.

    But as to the contents of the article.

    Fuck yes.

  • I personally would like to see Jim Carrey as the Riddler again, but NP would be cool I guess.

  • Bob

    Last year Eddie Murphy was going to be The Riddler, a bit more obvious a joke.

    Neil Patrick Harris would make a bad-ass riddler. I also would see that. I don’t think he would detract from the darkness at all, not if the director didn’t want him to.

    In fact, now that you mention it, I would prefer Neil Patrick Harris over Michael C. Hall, if for no other reason than I have already seen Michael C. Hall as a dark and twisted person.

  • Graehaus

    Spell check in aisle #1, it is Morgan Freeman, still NPH as The Riddler, would rock.

  • J

    Actually I saw some other website that was proposing Michael Hall from Dexter as the Riddler, which I completely agree with. As for a Penguin, I dunno, P.S.H. could probably do it, but I’d like to see someone less well known/more of a wildcard. It’s hard to come up with a name because I think Danny Devito being in Burton’s take was the perfect casting.

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  • Morgan

    Morgan FreeDman?

  • sultan

    NPH would make an awesome Riddler, but Chris Nolan’s overall vision of Batman is nothing more than a big joke. Batman was always dark and serious but always maintained a little bit of camp. The Dark Knight and Batman Begins had zero camp. Chris Nolan saying that he’d never use the penguin as a villian is outlandish. The penguin is one of Batmans best rivals and was shown you can take the character seriously in a more mature movie brilliantly by Tim Burton.

    They need to recast the title role as well, I’m sorry but Bale fails miserably as both Batman and Bruce Wayne. He’s to small, in both height and frame size, his voice is way off for both characters and he just looks plain silly in the suit.

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  • iamhewhoisiam

    Eddie Marsan http://www.bbc.co.uk/littledorrit/characterandcast/pancks.shtml would make an excellent Penguin – a very under-rated actor. My idea on the next Batman film sees the Penguin (in his current role as a criminal underworld figure more than a *waugh* *waugh* *waugh* freak) moving in to Gotham to fill in the void in the organised crime racket left in the wake of the Joker and he has someone like Solomon Grundy as a henchman.

    It would pretty much follow certain elements of Batman: Dark Victory, but without Holiday and possibly a young Dick Grayson – but NOT necessarily Robin.

  • The thing I like the most about the new Batman movies is that the movies aren’t about batman….they’re about the depraved sinister criminals.

  • John

    Actually there is a new Untitled Batman Movie project on imdb. Doug Jones … Edward Nygma ‘The Riddler’ (rumored)

  • zzzspina
  • Bert

    Part of the reason The Dark Knight was so good is because of the shock at seeing Ledger play against type, and knock it out of the park. All joking aside, NPH could totally pull off the same trick. I think it’d be an inspired casting choice.

    Though I have to agree that casting villains based on what’s been done before isn’t really fitting with how Nolan’s Batman universe works. Scarecrow/Ra’s in the first film were interesting because they were a) dark, b) played by excellent actors, and c) Ra’s at least is an essential part of Batman’s personal story. Joker/Two/Face had been done before, but never in such a way that they represented how personal these two villains are to the Batman.

    Based on that “personal” take on the character, I’d have to guess the next villain to be Catwoman. But PLEASE not an Angelina Jolie Catwoman.

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  • TheDamnRikta
  • jim

    I was thinkin jim carry would make a good riddler myself I mean he’s ridiclously funny I think mix it with wit and a dark atmosphere and you got the riddler

  • William

    Jim carry already played the riddler and failed miserably at it.