Eight Movies I’ve Seen at Least 50 Times

As I grow older I realize that seeing a movie multiple times isn’t all that great to do.   There’s nothing wrong with seeing a movie twice, or even three times.   However, once I think you hit five or more times the movie loses those special qualities that made you like it in the first place.

I don’t know.  It’s kind of like if you eat in a fancy restaurant every single day it eventually becomes diluted and not nearly as special.   However, as a kid, teen, or even in college, these rules don’t apply.  There are some movies that you just see over and over.   And it’s almost not even by choice.

Here are seven movies I’ve seen at least 50 times.  Yes, really.   50 times or more.   Think about how much that is.  How much time I’ve wasted but alas, here they are….

Rocky III

For whatever reason, of all the Rocky movies this is the one I’ve seen the most.   I remember as a kid I had this movie on VHS and I literally pressed play every single day for at least 3 weeks.   I guess I just loved Clubber Lang.   Combine those three weeks with over 20 years of that movie being on a bunch of networks and I’ve easily passed 50.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This is a movie that you always leave on no matter what.  And think about how many times it’s been on television over the years.   Have I watched it fully through 50 times? Probably not.  However, I’ve definitely had it on well over 100 and seen at least half the movie those 100 times.  So I’d say a solid 50.

The Breakfast Club

This is the same deal as Ferris.   I mean nearly anyone who was alive in the 80s and knows John Hughes has probably seen his movies at least a dozen times or more.   I would say The Breakfast Club is probably the most seen.


Well this is a movie that I leave on without fail every single time it’s on.  I would have reached 50 if it weren’t for network television.  And honestly it really sucks watching the movie with curses bleeped out.  Still though, it’s better than anything else on TV.   I think I hit 50 about a year ago with this movie.

Weird Science

There was a time when this movie was on the USA network like 3 times a day.   And then you’ve got your major networks that tend to play it in waves.   Couple that with the fact it came out in the 80s.   Boom.

The Shawshank Redemption

This is about the only movie I’ve seen with this much volume that I never tire of.   It’s my favorite movie so 50 times is allowed.   When all is said and done I’ll have seen it over 100 times.

Ace Ventura

I used to watch this movie religiously so I would never miss a part that was funny.   Believe me it takes seeing this movie 50 times to catch everything that you might have missed.  There’s something funny in almost every single minute of this film.

A Christmas Story

How many years has it been on for 24 hours during Christmas?  Probably 15 or so.   12 times a day.   You usually watch at least 3 of them.   That’s 45 right there which doesn’t include other times in the year it might be on.

Honorable MentionDumb and Dumber, Overboard, Sixteen Candles, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Back to School, Goonies