Seven Movie Theme Amusement Parks I’d Like to See Open


I’m sure by now most of you have heard of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.   If you haven’t it’s basically an entire amusement park created by Universal that will give customers a virtual Harry Potter experience.   Personally I think the Harry Potter franchise is perfect for this kind of park.  It’s so creative and the movie easily lends itself to the park transition.

I think the whole key to the movie to theme park thing is having a new world to create.  It’s not so simple to just take a theme and make a roller coaster out of it.  If you’re to create a whole “world” you better have a movie premise that allows you to do so.

Which is why I thought of additional movies that might work in the same manner as the Potter Park.  Check out seven movie theme amusement parks I’d like to see open….

Jurassic Age


Yes there were/are Jurassic Park type things at Universal and all that but I’m talking about a full out park.  I mean technology is good enough so that they could easily build robots that look just like real dinosaurs.  Get some real fear in there and I think we’d have a winner.  Honestly I don’t think it’d be that hard.  How about like a brontosaurus roller coaster or something?  Seriously just take over some island and do the real thing just with robots.

A Neverending Story


Go on a ride on the Falcor Express!  Think about how cool it would be to have an entire virtual Fantasia on your hands?

The Matrix Revolution


This one has all kinds of possibilities simply because of the computer and electronics factors.  Plus you could have a science wing or something where they teach you how to bend spoons and stuff.  Seriously though, they could easily come up with a genius Matrix park in my opinion.

The Chocolate Factory


Would it be so much as to ask for a real chocolate factory?  I mean come on!  I mean if there’s an entire wall in Seattle dedicated to people sticking their old chewed pieces of gum on it I’m sure some Hollywood Execs could pony up the cash to make a virtual world of chocolate delight.  And yes, we would need some Oompa Loompas.

Star Wars

Star Wars

Again, this is something we’ve already seen in parks but an entire park with the Star Wars Theme?  I’m pretty sure it couldn’t fail.  Plus you could have car races and stuff, probably the only redeeming part of the Phantom Menace movie.

Ride on My Star Trek

Star Trek

I don’t possibly see how this could fail.  Each wing of the park could be the name of a ship or planet that’s been featured in a movie or television episode.  You can fight aliens or ride through space.  You can also learn how to talk like William Shatner or kill people like Leonard Nimoy.  Oh, and ray guns.  Come on man.  Ray guns!



Think about how awesome it would be to create a real Labyrinth based on the movie?  Plus you could have David Bowie music all over the place.  It’s a can’t miss!


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