Movie Recommendation of the Week: Starman

If there’s one 80s sci-fi movie that you guys have to see it’s Starman.   This movie was out well before any of the recent sci-fi shows we see today and I definitely hold it in high regard with the ET’s and Close Encounter’s of the world as far as really exploring what’s out there beyond our planet.

Not to mention the movie explores human cloning before most movies took it seriously.   Granted it’s only brief but it’s still cool.   In short, an alien takes the form of a young widow’s husband and asks her to drive him from Wisconsin to Arizona.  The government tries to stop them on their journey.

The alien is played by Jeff Bridges who does a fantastic job.   The woman is Karen Allen.   Also, this is a John Carpenter film which means he did the directing as well as score for the movie.   It’s a can’t miss.   Trust me.  Trailer is after the jump….


Movie still holds up today.   Great flick.


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