Movie Recommendation of the Week: Regarding Henry

When you’re talking about Harrison Ford it’s very rare that you mention him outside of his roles in Indiana Jones and in Star Wars.   And while Ford may never really get credit for his roles outside of these movies, I’m here to talk about one role that I think he did a terrific job in.   It’s in the movie Regarding Henry (he also kicked ass in The Mosquito Coast).

Regarding Henry is about a man whose life is transformed by a bullet to the head.  This man used to be a die hard, egotistical, adulterous, not present father or husband lawyer.   This bullet, which hits him in the head at a convenience store transforms his life.   Henry must re-learn how to be a human being again.  He discovers that he is not proud of his old life and must figure out a new one.

It’s a great film that I highly recommend.  Check out the trailer after the jump…..


Definitely a must see.

  • Korky

    Is there a happy ending or is it more of a “he lived somewhat happily for the rest of his handicapped days” kind of ending?

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Good grief. This is another awful movie. Harrison should stick to action.

  • John

    You are forgetting his role in the Tom Clancy movies. They are very good but alas, not as remembered as his cult roles.

  • drunkenjunk

    this movie is awesome and there is a happy ending.

  • Pierce

    Love this movie, my parents used to watch it on a VHS they had recorded from TV : )