Movie Recommendation of the Week: Casual Sex?

We gave you guys a serious pick last week with A River Runs through it, but are back to our silly and “you gotta see this movie because it’s so bad” ways.   So this week I’m diving right back in with Casual Sex? You want a funny and dumb plot?  Here we go:   Two women friends, with quite different sexual histories, try visiting a health resort to look for a man to settle down with.

The movie stars Lea Thompson and Victoria Jackson.  But the real beef with this movie is Andrew “Dice” Clay and the dude that played Styles in Teen Wolf.   The movie was made in 1988 so it has horrible hair, outfits, and music (all in a good way).  And of course it’s sexual in nature but in that 80s ludicrous comedy kind of way.

All in all it’s a terrible movie but one I think you guys need to see.  Check out the trailer after the jump….


All you need to watch this movie is the song “Hot, Hot, Hot.”

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