Movie Recommendation for the Weekend: Ip Man

Hey all, before I head out to go see The Hobbit in high framerate and barf my eyes out, I figured I’d give you a Netflix movie recommendation for the weekend in case you can’t make it out the theater.

It’s called Ip Man, and is a kung-fu movie in the purest form. It’s based on the (somewhat) true story of the real life Ip Man, a Chinese kung-fu master who stood up to the Japanese in World War II, and went on to be one of the greatest martial arts masters of all time. He actually taught Bruce Lee.

It’s a phenomenal film, both from a fighting and acting perspective. Donnie Yen is fantastic as the zen master Ip, who rarely lets anything get to him despite his immense potential for violence. But when the Japanese show up and start hurting and murdering his friends? It’s mother****ing go time.

Seriously, check it out if you have ANY interest in martial arts films, or just like good movies in general. It’s not cheesy like some old-school kung-fu flicks are, and it’s incredibly well shot and acted in addition to having truly¬†impressive¬† reality-based fighting. There’s a sequel as well, though I haven’t gotten to it yet.


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