Five Realistic and Tough To Watch Movie Plane Crashes

Cast AWay

I’m leaving to go on a family trip in about a month.  And whenever I know a flight is coming up I can’t help to think of a plane crash.   I know, it’s horrible but that’s just the way I am.  So I find myself watching movies that contain plane crashes in this faux way of trying to use reverse psychology on faith or something.

It’s a horrible practice but I guess we all have our things when it comes to flying.  For me, there are very particular plane crashes in movies that I find very hard (yet very compelled) to watch.  Though I’ve never (and thankfully) been in a plane crash I can only imagine that these scenes are about as realistic as they come.

Here are five realistic and tough to watch movie plane crashes



This happens to be one of my favorite movies.   Definitely one of Jeff Bridges best performances of his career.   The music pretty much gives you goose bumps.  I almost cry every time I see this.



I think I’ve seen this movie 100 times.  Not necessarily because I like it but almost because I “have to.”  To even fathom the kind of experience these people had isn’t something I can do.  It’s just not possible.   And it all began from this first scene which is absolutely horrifying.

Cast Away


What I find so amazing about this scene is not only the view from the cockpit when they are about to hit water, but the depth they show when Hanks’ character is in that raft.  Can you even imagine how scary that would be?  They keep panning out and you see the life raft getting smaller and smaller.

Final Destination


Good Lord that is scary.



This is the first time I’ve seen a movie plane crash where the aftermath is displayed in a way that I can only imagine to be highly realistic.  It’s extremely horrifying to watch but it really puts things into perspective.  There’s a lot to be thankful for in the world and not going through that kind of horror is one of them.


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