10 Revealing Videos of Movie Mistakes From Popular Movies

Movie Mistakes

As you may already know I’m a huge fan of when mistakes in movie are revealed hence my once in a while referencing of the site Movie Mistakes.   It’s just so hard to believe that given the amount of time it takes to make a movie that after all the editing is done, some movies, and great movies mind you, contain a ton of errors.

I mean one frame you see the guy has got a blue shirt on and the next it’s green?  How the hell do they let this stuff slide?  I’m very curious to see when Avatar’s mistakes come out.  There are some located in this Avatar Thread.

In any event I went around looking for others and found 10 videos of classic movies and their mistakes.  The good thing is that in these we can physically seem them as they happen…

Jaws Had Its Fair Share


Funny that there’s just no way I’d have caught these on my own

Star Wars Mistakes


It’s funny seeing these in motion.  How the hell do they miss these?

Jurassic Park Mistakes


If I saw this movie right now obviously I wouldn’t care but still very interesting to see this stuff.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End


I can’t believe how little I would care to see this movie

Stand by Me Movie Mistakes


A classic.

Bond Movie Mistakes


We already did a whole article on this but cool to see in motion

TMNT Mistakes


I love this movie.  God the sequels were horrible.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


It’s amazing how young they all are.

Even the Dark Knight Had Mistakes


Nit picky but visible nonetheless.

The Goonies!

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BN4lbXWZetgSay it ain’t so

  • Brendan

    Woah woah woah there…TMNT sequelS were awful? As in plural? As in lumping Secret of the Ooze with that visual holocost they refer to as Turtles in Time? Secret of the Ooze is a classic, just as good as the first one, for it is direct sequel. It takes place directly after the first movie and they should be judged as a combo-pack like Godfather 1&2


    “It’s quiet.
    A little too quiet.
    It’s Raph.
    A little too Raph”

    Sure it is sans Casey Jones. Sure Cory Feldman took that movie off(he was back for the Hidenburgesque 3rd movie)Sure, unless you were born before the NES was released, you wouldn’t appreciate Vanilla Ice’s cameo and subsequent classic song.(Have YOU ever seen a turtle get down?) But when has it become fashionable to rip a decent sequel? Sure, it’s no Back to the Future 2, but it sure as hell isn’t a Back to the Future 3!



    Sorry I am very sensitive when it comes to people not appreciating TMNT:2 Secret of the Ooze or Ghostbusters II.

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  • Nattyb

    I loved Ghostbusters II FYI. Yanosh is one of the best characters ever. In fact we did an entire piece on just his character.

    TMNT 2 – sucky.

  • MacGyver1138

    I’ll have to agree with Brendan, at least somewhat. TMNT 2 was at least OK. It shouldn’t be lumped in with the other one. My whole reasoning for this is because I actually liked the 2nd as a little kid, and I hated the Turtles in Time even then. Considering how much of a Turtles freak I was at the time, that’s saying something. Watching the movies now, I have to admit that the 2nd does not stand the test of time well, while I still like the first. The 3rd should have all copies rounded up and destroyed, and be stricken from history.

    As far as the article, I have a love/hate of this type of thing. It’s cool to spot movie mistakes, and it can aid in making movies re-watchable, but sometimes knowing about mistakes makes me lose my suspension of disbelief. The biggest example of this is in the first Matrix movie when Neo is backflipping away from the train. You can see him grab the wires used for the stunt, and when he pulls them forward, they become visible. I see this every time I watch the movie now. Something interesting to note is that they seem to have removed the wires from the HD releases. I wonder if they fix editing mistakes in different releases of movies very often?

  • Drester

    Have to say I don’t really care for the mistakes where you see changes in different angels. The guy rubbing the velociraptor on the other hand is golden.

  • chelsea

    i LOVE TMNT 2…. very under-rated.

  • dwayne

    You would never notice most of these without using pause or slow motion, and even then they’re really not that remarkable. Anyone who wastes this much time documenting minor continuity errors should find a better hobby. There’s a name for these kinds of detail obsessed nerds: trainspotters. And they say gamers have no lives.

  • PedXing

    Just throwing this out there…the Harry Potter one where harry switches sides of the table is two different scenes. I’m pretty sure the first one where he sits next to ron is the end-of-year feast, and when he’s on the opposite side it’s the beginning feast.

  • The whole movie is fake. You guys are idiots, or perhaps more accurately you guys are scientists with nothing to study but lies. Of course you can find the flaws in the fictional movie because it isn’t real – it’s one big fake lie that most of you believe in foolishly. I would suggest you spend your time analyzing something that is not fake, or at least do it from a perspective of understanding and knowing that you’re looking at a lie and complaining that the lie isn’t true enough.

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  • Geekoid

    They really need to learn the difference between “mistake”, and “lighting”.

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  • Tyler

    I happen to be an AVID editor and I can tell you from years of experience that it is nearly impossible to have 100% continuity on a film. Editors choose shots not based on continuity, rather on best take. For example: There is a shot that contains, among other things, a specific object. The director shoots with the object in the shot and decides not to use it in the shot for whatever reason (composition, color, lighting, safety to the actor, taste, etc.). When that shot gets to the edit room the editor might feel that the actors take with the said object in the shot is the best take of the bunch, so he convinces the director to let him used the shot with the object. The take by the actor will always take president over the continuity of the shot.

    Sometimes choices are made to purposely change continuity. Not all film makers like their films pristine. Much like a painter purposely making his work ‘rough’ to create a secondary feel and atmosphere, sometimes film makers and editors will re-shoot cut-aways to be less continuous.

    I know your just a fan and judging by your writing style, you’re not a journalist either, but maybe do some research into the film making process and you might learn some of the lesser known edit room tricks and decisions.

  • ChoRyu

    Another one I’ve noticed is in Lord Of The Rings, two towers, when Pippin and Mary are taken by orcs, and then the soldiers attack the band of orcs. At one point, while Pippins hands are still bound and he is crawling away, a horse rears up and Pippin turns on his back and screams (looking from the horses point of view I guess) at this point, Pippins hands are magically untied.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love LOTR, I’ve seen them all 16 times, and it doesn’t take away from the movie, Its just entertaining to find the little things.
    Its kind of like that director (Alfred Hitchcock I think) that put himself in each of his movies at least once. Peter Jackson did it too.

  • eric

    I have a couple more for you if you can find ’em.

    In X-men, I think it’s 2 or 3. I could be wrong…whichever one has Nightcrawler….there’s a scene where he “teleports” below a floor to rescue a group of kids being held hostage. You see Nightcrawler & Jean-Grey, then a shot of the kids reaching up…but in the background of the shot with the kids you can CLEARLY see Nightcrawler trying to hide in the shadows…then you see him again up above the kids….then he teleports down and brings the kids up.

    Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls…towards the end…he’s doing his big “I solved this case and here’s all the evidence” speech…and there’s a chess set with all the pieces set up on the board. One cut away…then back to the chess set and all the pieces are gone with no mention as to how or why or even where they went.

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