10 Memorable Fart Scenes in Movies


Let’s face it, if you ever get tired of when someone farts then you have problems.   It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  I’m 30 years old and it gets me every single time.  No matter how gross or childish it may seem we all have room for funny farts in our lives.

If you’re one of those annoying people who gets grossed out by this then leave your emotions at the door OK?  Again, it’s a part of life.  It’s a natural function and even the most serious people in the world laugh at farts.

And movies sure as hell think they’re funny otherwise they wouldn’t keep filming awesome fart scenes.  Speaking of which, here are 10 I think you’ll find pretty funny

Thanks for a little help from our friends at Guyism for most of these calls

World’s Best Fart Scene


Stink Nuggets?  Man this guy is a bad actor.  How the hell does this dude make a living?

Click Fart Scene


It’s really only funny because it’s the Hoff.

Step Brothers Fart Scene


It’s John C. Reilly’s face that makes this scene lovely.  P.S. Step Brother is hilarious.

Scary Movie 3 Fart Scene


“Yes, the Chair.”

Ray, Did you Fart?


Uh oh, Fart.  One of the only scenes where you don’t actually hear the fart but the scene is still awesome.

Battle Sh*ts


This is just disgusting, period.

Carmen Lets Loose in Scary Movie 4


She’ll be hot no matter what she does.  No matter what.

Blazing Saddles Bean Scene


I actually enjoy how fake the farts sound.

Fat Bastard Apologizes


It’s almost hard to laugh because of how gross he is.

Dumb and Dumber




Not Another Teen Movie


They took this a little too far.