Five Biopic Ideas I’d Like to See Play Out in Film

Given how much I enjoyed seeing The Social Network, it got me thinking.  I’m pretty sure I’ve already got a “awesome company movies” post lined up but something else that I thought was pretty cool about the film was that we got some fun interpretations of some pretty influential people:  Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker.   Who knows how accurate these portrayals were but it still showed up nicely on film.

And now that I hear Spielberg is going to be tackling Abraham Lincoln I figured I’d come up with my own list of cool biopic ideas for movies.  Granted these are just my own opinions.

Feel free to chime in after you read…..

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

If there’s one musician I’d like to see a biopic about it’s gotta be Jimi Hendrix.  From the fact he died at an early age to his left handed guitar playing, to the partying and sex in the 70s, I don’t think there’s any rock star I’d want chronicled more than Hendrix.  Problem is, who in the world could play him?  Denzel Washington is too old and doesn’t have the frame.    Actually Anthony Mackie (he was in Hurt Locker) might be pretty good.  He’s an up and comer.

The Tesla Effect

Hell we might as well have David Bowie play this role since he already did an awesome job in The Prestige.   But given how influential Nikola Tesla has been in the world of electricity I think we need to see something on the man.  Screw Thomas Edison, he’s boring.  Tesla is way more badass.  Although who could play Tesla in his early years?  Hmmmm.

Magellan Travels the World

We’ve seen like 900 movies about Christopher Columbus but I really haven’t seen much on Magellan.  And given he traveled the entire world I think his story would probably be kind of interesting.  This has Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe written all over it but I have to say Scott’s last few movies haven’t been all that great.   Someone’s got to do it justice.

Steve Jobs Bites into America

OK we’re not counting when Noah Wyle played him in that ridiculous movie Pirates of Silicon Valley.  I want to see a real biopic on Jobs.  You know this guy is a total dick and I’ve love to see him truly portrayed on screen.   Maybe Tom Sizemore?  Just kidding.  Actually I think Tom Cruise might actually make a decent Steve Jobs.

Sir Isaac Newton

If it wasn’t for Yahoo Serious I’d probably put Einstein in here (though a serious movie on him would be kind of cool).  However, as it stands, it’d be cool to see a nice period piece on one of the smartest people to have ever lived.  Anthony Hopkins?