How They Could Have Ended: 10 Alternate Endings to Popular Movies

Yesterday, Paul posted the very real, very ridiculous alternate ending to Titanic.  No matter your thoughts on Cameron’s sap-fest, I think we can all agree that sticking with the original ending was the way to go.  Of course, Titanic isn’t the only movie to have more than one possible ending, and many popular movies could have ended an entirely different way.  And not every alternative ending is necessarily bad, either – as you’ll see below, the alternate ending to I am Legend is much, much better than the original and actually makes sense with regard to the movie’s theme and title.  Below, you can check out alternate endings to 10 popular movies.  Which ones do you think are better than the original endings?  Let me know!

First Blood




Terminator 2


I am Legend


Natural Born Killers




28 Days Later


Mr. and Mrs. Smith


Final Destination


Little Shop of Horrors (Part 1)


Part 2


Part 3


  • That T2 ending would have meant no T3. But it would probably have prevented Sarah Connor Chronicles as well, so it’s a double edged sword.

  • Lagrange

    I’m so glad you didn’t post the alternate ending of Blade Runner.
    It kills my soul when I see it.

    It was the theatrical ending, where they add an extra minute where Ford drives through an idyllic landscape (in Blade Runner!?), there is some pornomusic in the background and a voiceover explains that his repliant girl is magically not going to die. Wahhh

    There are actually alot of these. For example in the Pride & Prejudice movie (the one with Keira Knightley) they added a kiss scene at the end for the US audience. There is no such kiss in the original, i.e. the Jane Austen novel and there was alot controversy about it.

  • Lagrange

    The point being that there is no kiss between Mr. Darcy and her at all in the Jane Austen novel, which of course tries to deliver a message.

  • Alex

    What the hell……why on Earth didn’t they go with this ending for I am Legend. I can’t believe I am going to say it but this one scene turns the whole movie around. It makes it…..actually decent and it makes sense

    • Madison

      Agreed – it makes it poignant.

  • john v.

    I couldn’t agree more about I Am Legend. The story makes so much more sense with that “omg, I’m the monster” realization. I’ve never read the book, but I did see the Vincent Price movie, Last Man on Earth, and it ends that way. I’m pretty sure Omega Man doesn’t, but I don’t really remember either.

    On a related note, I know this movie doesn’t really fit the theme of the website, but…. Secondhand Lions not only had an alternate ending, but an entirely different storyline that you can piece together through the deleted scenes. I thought it was a little better than the theatrical release because it tied a lot of loose ends together.

  • Levi

    You missed Paranormal Activity! I just read I am Legend and it was infinitely better. The movie was still decent though.

  • EJ

    I have read the book, and indeed he comes to realize he is the monster. It was the original ending to I Am Legend, but screening audiences and movie executives are morons. I can’t speak for The Omega Man, because I couldn’t get through it. Awful!!!

    First Blood SHOULD have ended that way, just so there wouldn’t be any Rambo movies. The only mistake: why would a Colonel in the Army carry a service weapon without already having one round in the chamber. I see this mistake every day I watch TV or see a movie- people who carry guns on a daily basis, whoever they are, have them ready to go. Hollywood loves their ultra-repetitive racking of the slides.

  • Bryan

    I’m torn between the 2 endings of Paranormal Activity. The theatrical version obviously leaves open the chance for a sequel, but the alternate had its own gut punch to it. Kind of an “Oh damn!” ending.

  • zomgmouse

    From Wikipedia’s article on Dawn of the Dead:
    Alternate ending

    The finale in the final cut of the film was not what Romero had originally planned. According to the original screenplay, Peter was to shoot himself in the head instead of making a heroic escape. Fran would commit suicide by thrusting her head into the helicopter’s propeller blades. The end credits would run over a shot of the helicopter’s blades turning until the engine winds down, implying that Fran and Peter would not have had enough fuel to escape.[7] During production it was decided to change the ending of the film.

  • Steve

    Dawn of the Dead is pretty much my favorite horror movie, so I knew of the alternate ending. However, I didn’t know that the credits would’ve gone while seeing the blades running until the gas ran out. Very interesting.

  • Jerry

    So they shot the ending of the original play for Little Shop of Horrors but it didn’t test well with the moronic focus groups so they went back and re-shot a cop-out ending. So what? It’s not as though anyone familiar with the play doesn’t know that.

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  • Michelle

    I much prefer the alternate ending to 28 Days Later. If anything just for the gorgeous shot of Selena and Hannah walking down the hallway

  • OTWarrior

    What about the alternate ending of “Army of Darkness”. That was completely different.

    I agree about I am Legend though. When I saw that alternate ending I was like “That’s make more sense”, rather than how the original ended. I didn’t much care for the survivors he found. HE WAS SAVING THAT BACON!

  • The movie I’m a legend, there were 3 end, or am I deluding.


    rambo first blood alt ending.