10 Scenes in Sports Movies That Really Jack You Up

The Natural

Sometimes there are scenes in movies that make us cry out of happiness.  Sometimes there are scenes that make us cry out of sadness.  And other times there are moments in film that make us want to get out of our chairs and do something with our lives.  We think to ourselves, “hell if they can do it then I better get off my ass and try.”

The movies that tend to have a great chance at motivating us tend to be sports movies.  And I gotta say nothing short of accomplishing these feats myself would jack me up more than to actually watch these scenes.

Here are 10 awesome scenes in sports movies that make you want to get up and do something!

It Ain’t the Six Minutes


This might be my favorite pregame speech of all time.

Any Given Sunday”Inches” Speech


Most people love this speech.  I think it’s OK.  Not the biggest fan in the world but you really can’t argue when Al Pacino is yelling can you?

I’ll Make It- Hoosiers


Best coach in any movie, ever.  This is the scene when Jimmy says “I’ll make it.”  I get goosebumps every single time I watch this.  I love how Hackman just changes the play.  OK, Jimmy, top of the key.  Hahaha.

The Rudy Chant in Rudy


Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!  Look how fat Jon Favreau is!

The Crane Kick in Karate Kid


When you look back on this movie, this scene is almost unintentional comedy.  Still though, watching Elizabeth Shue run out there gets me all sobbing and stuff.

Wild Thing in Major League


Seriously I felt like I was actually at a baseball game when this scene came on.   What an amazing moment.

Final Hit in The Natural


It’s impossible not to cry if you watch this movie fully through.  This scene just puts it all over the top.  Wow.

Friday Night Lights – Gametime


I’m not normally into metal music but man if this isn’t incredible.

Hearts on Fire Training Scene in Rocky IV


I really could have gone with most any Rocky training scene but “Hearts on Fire” will always remain my favorite.

Louden Swain Warms up Before his Match


The song is “Lunatic Fringe” by Red Rider in case any of you want to put it into your iPods.

  • Nothing from The Rocket = no good list of sports movies.

  • Gully Foyle

    It’s the music. Does it every time.

  • Bert

    Wow, a Red Rider reference. I did NOT expect that!

  • Billdog

    Wow, 2 Vision Quest selections. One of my favorites

  • Dylyn

    What about Brain’s Song?

    Growing up I was told that that is one movie that every man will admit to crying to.

    Maybe it’s just a midwest thing

  • Henrik

    Nothing from Bloodsport? Are you insane?! That is the best sports movie ever! And you can’t tell me it’s not a sports movie when it has sport in it’s title.

  • I’m disappointed the scene from Mighty Ducks 2 ain’t in this. You know, when they go back to the locker rooms, talk about where they’re from and then get DUCK JERSEYS and start beating the shit out of Iceland.

    Or even just the shoot-out scene!

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  • Robert

    Nothing from Miracle. The speech before the Russian game always gives me goosebumps. Also the part where he goes ‘We can beat these guys!’ is a great part.

  • MetFanMac

    Madness! No “Eye of the Tiger”!

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  • FrankenPC

    RE: The Natural: I started tearing up at 1:00 when the bat boy picks out the Savoy Special. I’m a huge sap. I’m such a sucker that I can’t even watch Old Yeller. It’s impossible.

    WOW, Redford did for fantasy Baseball movies what Costner always dreamed of but could never quite achieve.

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