More Star Wars Recruitment Propaganda

One of the so-called “permanent story links” on the right side of our page is to this incredibly popular post, a gallery of Star Wars pin-up girls requesting that you join the Empire.

Not to be outdone, the Rebel alliance has recruited their (only) hottie, Princess Leia, to help recruit for their side.

This isn’t the same artist as the others, as you can tell, but Ant Lucia does a great job here. Check out the other posters below:

  • GrandWazoo

    I’m sorry, but that “Man The Guns” one seems very inappropriate for this art series. The artist somehow made Princess Leia look like a 15-year-old girl, especially in the first picture.

  • Rodimus Mike

    Looks like an Anime Princess Leia to me. If you see a fifteen year old girl, that’s probably because you’re thinking about a fifteen year old girl.

    And who are you to say what is inappropriate for the art series? I would think only the artist themselves have say when it comes to anything involving THEIR art series.

  • Steve

    That’s a very mature figure to be mistaking fir a pubescent child.

  • Diablo

    Ah “Star Wars”…the racist, sexist version of “Twilight” for neckbeards.

    I kid…but seriously, I cannot find a better example of what turns most women off sci-fi than these images.

  • Mark Miller

    Damn i wish girls looked like that when I was 15. Actually probably not, I only really had eyes for one girl back then.

  • I’ll be joining the empire, he can’t do it alone.