More Fun With Jedi Disney Princesses


If you asked me how many Disney Princess variants we’ve featured over the past six years on Unreality, I’d laugh in your face and say I lost track at “Disney Princess Sloths.”

But if you asked how many Disney Princess JEDI we’ve come across over the years, I’d say two or three batches, including this new one from artist White-Magician. Her concept is “what if the princesses WEREN’T helpless to defend themselves,” with her solution giving them lightsabers. While Disney movies may not be the most progressive, I’d say at least Mulan and Pocahontas could take care of themselves when it came down to it, lightsabers or no.

Check out the gallery below. I left out a few that were prominently stamped with plugs for her Tumblr, but you can go hunt for them if you want.

jedi_disney_princess_tiana_by_white_magician-d5xs3sg jedi_disney_princess_pocahontas_by_white_magician-d5ybtu3





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