Modern Day Movie Posters With a Vintage Twist

In today’s movie age if there’s one thing that I find to be one of the bigger scams out there, it’s movie trailers.   Granted they are an impressive thing to see but man if we don’t get duped way too often into thinking some movies will be great and they wind up sucking.    You think to yourself “why couldn’t they make the movie this great?”  I mean I know it’s the movie studio’s job but come on.

At least with a movie poster on the other hand, you just either like it or you don’t.  It doesn’t really sway you that much in terms of seeing the movie or not.   Regardless, I came across this amazing photoshop project that I had to share.

It’s a collection of movie posters that are modern day movies but with vintage movie themes.  You’ll see what I mean.  Pics after the jump….

Full Credit to Behance for these amazing pictures

  • ORA

    Some of these would be even more epic given the Talent of the listed actors.

  • Cas

    Wait, so were these randomly found on behance or were they made by one person?
    Really cool idea though!

  • Alaric

    You’ve discovered a new concept for making movies. Instead of “remaking” them, we could “retro-make” them!

  • glad2notBu

    JOHN WAYNE as SUPERMAN?!?! best career choice of his life & crappiest superhero movie ever.