Mind-Trip of the Week: The Grand Unified Pixar Universe Theory

pixar universe

Well I just spent the last 15 minutes reading a lengthy article from Jon Negroni. The man has a theory that’s both simple, and incredible complex: All Pixar movies take place in the same universe.

It sounds innocent enough, but what follows is a wildly entertaining conspiracy theory that tracks every single Pixar movie and how it ties into this larger theory. I highly recommend you take the time to read the entire thing, but I’ll try to give you a brief overview.

It all starts with Brave, hundreds of years ago, where its revealed that magic can transform animals into intelligent creatures. Over time, that magic seeps into the world, and we get whole groups of hyper intelligent animals like those found in Finding Nemo and Rataouille. The dog translator collar found in Up is meant to try and bridge the gap between these intelligent animals and humans.

The rise of AI starts with The Incredibles, where villain creates an intelligent killbot to evolve and destroy the heroes. Eventually, this leads to the Pixar omni-corporation BNL which is actually formed by intelligent machines. Eventually, humans wreck the earth and leave, leading to a universe where the intelligent Cars cars rule everything. In the interim, there’s A Bug’s Life, which takes place after the apocalypse with magically smart bugs, and then the events of Wall-E take place some time later.

Eventually, the few remaining mutated animals on earth evolve into the monsters of Monsters Inc. To harness energy for their new future-society, they travel back in time to old earth to harvest screams. After the events of Monsters Inc, Boo invents time travel to find her old friends, and goes back in time to become…the witch from Brave which started this whole process. See the wood carving that’s the lead image of her story? It’s in the witch’s hut.

So yeah, he explains it far better than I can in three paragraphs, and it’s absolutely nuts, but I love it. Do give it a read.


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