Military Dad Comes to Son’s Birthday Disguised as Captain America


Your daily dose of awww has arrived, and no, there are no cosplay puppies in sight. Rather, this is a cool video which shows a creative dad surprising his son on his birthday. He’s been deployed to Afghanistan for a while, but rather than just show up at the door, he does so disguised as Captain America, while his son is in a mini-version of the same costume.

It’s rather sweet, and though the kid is confused about the reveal at first, he soon warms up. If he’s like five, does he actually believe his dad is Captain America now? Because that would be even more awesome. This whole thing reminded me of the Turboman ending of Jingle All the Way incidentally.

  • Grand Wazoo

    That’s awesome. I’ve gotten pulled into the military dad surprises kids section on youtube a few times, and it’s always so hard to stop watching these videos. Surprisingly, the military dog owner returning is pretty good, too. Some of those dogs are so excited to see their owners again it’s almost like they’re crying.

  • Jim

    I want to see the video of what mom and dad did with that costume that night…