Mickey Rourke Will Be in Iron Man 2


It looks like Mickey Rourke will have a role in Iron Man 2,  Variety reports.  Apparently it was Robert Downey, Jr. himself that asked Rourke to participate, and a request from 2008’s most popular actor sealed the deal.  Rourke will be playing a villain, and it’ll be fun to see him in that type of role again.  He was definitely scary in Get Carter, and I love him in the Enrique Iglesias vidoe when he beats the crap out of Enrique.  I’m glad to see that Rourke is in the Iron Man sequel, but I hope the second movie doesn’t fall into the trap of emphasizing several stars as villains but failing to deliver when it comes to plot.  I am looking directly at you, Spider-Man 3. No one else but you.