Michael Moore Yells at Buildings in ‘Capitalism’ Trailer


I’ve been torn on Michael Moore from the get-go. I was neutral on Bowling for Columbine, hated Fahrenheit 9/11 and thought Sicko was brilliant. I think he’s a damn good filmmaker, but he needs to understand which of his tactics are effective and which are not. Here’s a handy guide:

GOOD:  Well researched info presented in fun graph, picture and text form, explaining complex issues simply for the everyman.

BAD: Yelling at buildings with a megaphone and getting thrown out by security.

GOOD: Interviews with real people who have been directly affected by issues like war and health care.

BAD: Hounding the “bad guys” by whacking them with a microphone, knowing they won’t say anything remotely revealing.

The new trailer for Capitalism: A Love Story, does a bit of both. I will be interested to hear Moore’s take on the financial crisis (which practically still no one understands), but I hope he stays away from yelling and cheap shots as much as possible. But I’m not holding my breath.

Also, love the use of M.I.A.

  • Madison

    The problem with Moore’s latest film is that it comes too late. When about 80% of AIG is owned by the government, that’s not capitalism. Bailouts aren’t capitalism. We are so close to socialism that to call our society totally capitalistic is inaccurate. I’m not saying either is good or bad (although I certainly do have an opinion on it), I’m just simply pointing this out, so spare me your political arguments. Politics is relgion-lite, as far as I’m concerned; Party affiliation is a joke.

  • IcemanD

    Michael Moore definitely needs to be taken with a grain of salt. He always makes some good points but fills them with blatant lies to back-up said point. His grandstanding gets a little annoying as well.

    Check out Manufacturing Dissent (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0961117/) for a bit of a unique take on Michael Moore.

  • Madison

    @ IcemanD

    I won’t go as far as to call him a blatant liar, but he is incredibly disingenuois. He twists quotes and takes them out of context, and he shows his audience lots of anecdotal evidence (the worst kind) to prove his points, tugging on their heartstrings in the process. It’s also the reason he’s a pretty good filmmaker.

  • MizPiz

    Basically what IcemanD said. Though he does make some good points and there are things you can agree on, he does come off as pompous and full of himself.

  • If you wanna know everything you’ve ever dreamed about the current financial crisis, please, you have to see “Zeitgeist – The Movie” and the follow up “Zeitgeist – Addendum”.

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    Sorry if my english is not completely correct, and thank you for your time!! ^__^

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