Michael Moore Yells at Buildings in ‘Capitalism’ Trailer


I’ve been torn on Michael Moore from the get-go. I was neutral on Bowling for Columbine, hated Fahrenheit 9/11 and thought Sicko was brilliant. I think he’s a damn good filmmaker, but he needs to understand which of his tactics are effective and which are not. Here’s a handy guide:

GOOD:  Well researched info presented in fun graph, picture and text form, explaining complex issues simply for the everyman.

BAD: Yelling at buildings with a megaphone and getting thrown out by security.

GOOD: Interviews with real people who have been directly affected by issues like war and health care.

BAD: Hounding the “bad guys” by whacking them with a microphone, knowing they won’t say anything remotely revealing.

The new trailer for Capitalism: A Love Story, does a bit of both. I will be interested to hear Moore’s take on the financial crisis (which practically still no one understands), but I hope he stays away from yelling and cheap shots as much as possible. But I’m not holding my breath.

Also, love the use of M.I.A.


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