Michael Moore Embraces His Roots


I thought Michael Moore’s health care expose, Sicko, was brilliant (although released a few years too early), and I am looking forward to Capitalism: A Love Story. But I think he’s sort of an idiot positioning the film as anti-capitalist. Capitalism has its problems, but with a title like that and posters like this, no one but fans are going to take him seriously, and everyone else will immediately dismiss him as an actual communist, which I don’t believe he is.

Yes, it gives the film a nice visual style with the “propaganda theme,” but I think it could have been better handled and less alienating. But seriously, Sicko should get another run in theaters now that the health care issue has reached its unsatisfying climax.

  • Brendan

    What I don’t understand is how a guy that got paid 21 million for Fahrenheit 9/11 and got half the box office receipts for Sicko is that angry about capitalism? Make no mistake, he is by all accounts a multi-millionaire, his contributions to the people he supposedly stands for are quite minimal upon further research. =/ He’s kinda a hypocrite. To quote one of my favorite family guy episodes, “He’s a liar! A big fat liar!” =]

  • Lagrange

    I hope this movie gives a good explenation what capitalism and socialism is ment to be.
    I’m always a bit irritated when I see american news where people are protesting against something that I don’t really relate with these economic systems.

  • Lagrange

    I don’t see him as a philanthropist either but there is no discrepancy in criticizing the rules of the game you keep playing if you wanna stay in the game.

    I guess I kinda get what you are implying but he only would be a “hypocrite”, in the sense of the word, if he would say “don’t try to make money. money is bad!”, wouldn’t he?

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