Five Clips of Michael Caine in Really Crappy Roles


Let’s get something straight.  We here are Unreality love Michael Caine.   I personally think he’s an incredible actor and hope that he never retires.

But Caine, like any other actor has to pay the bills.  And as such even guys of his caliber will take on movie and TV roles that don’t exactly challenge their abilities.

For the first in a running segment of “great actors in crappy roles” here are five clips of Caine in sub par roles.

Jaws:  The Revenge


I love the “More you Know” spin on this clip.  Hoagie!

Cornering Jack the Ripper


The Jews!  Juwes.  Listen to the music.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


Sure it’s a great book and classic movie from the 50’s but did you ever hear of the 1997 TV movie?  Neither did I.

Blame it On Rio


She’s the hottest thing on the beach. She’s also his best friend’s daughter!  Hahaha.  This movie sucked so badly but you have to admit it’s fun.

On Deadly Ground


Yup, Michael Caine was in a Steven Seagal movie.  Wow.   Billy Bob was in this too!


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