Merida: The First Animated Character to Literally Come Alive

Disney has been casting princesses for years, and they’re always pretty girls who smile and wave and take pictures with all the little boys and girls.

But they’ve gone one step further with their Merida casting, and have done their best to make the real-life version a living, breathing copy of the animated original. She’s gorgeous, obviously, but past that has the Scottish accent and personality to match, and really take the effect all the way to eleven. I don’t know enough Scottish people to declare that this is a fake accent (though I’m guessing it is), but she’s doing a damn fine job nonetheless.


  • John

    Scottish Unreality reader here, she’s a great Disney princess but the accent is pretty difficult to endure. (Unless she’s learned from some mad teuchter on the islands….there are some bizarre accents up there.)

    • David R

      And now I know the word “teuchter.” Any connotations I should be aware of?

      • John

        Not particularly – it’s mildly insulting but is most frequently used in a comedic way. Basically, anyone in Scotland is slightly wary of anyone who comes from further north in Scotland than them and will term them a “teuchter” when presented with evidence of their obviously weird ways.

        I’m from Glasgow, so to me my friend from Aberdeen is a teuchter. To him anyone from the Sheltand islands rates as one, and is promptly mocked.

  • jandhyde

    I’m not even Scottish and her accent hurts me.

  • Godling

    I don’t think ‘literally’ means what you think it means.

    …suuuch an over/miss-used word.

  • MattChi

    She looks the part, but I’d disagree, I find her americanized fake accent pretty grating on the ears.