Memorable Prosthetics In Movies

As we rummage to find more ridiculous topics for this site, I had a great one presented to me the other day in a car ride.  You guys remember good ‘ole Madison don’t you?  Well just because he’s not writing for the site anymore doesn’t mean he doesn’t have suggestions.

Madison told me to list out awesome prosthetics in movies and so here you go buddy!

Marlon Brando’s Cheeks in The Godfather

One of the most famous prosthetics in the history of film can’t actually be seen on screen: it’s stuffed inside Marlon Brando’s mouth. No, not a Big Mac. It’s a dental prosthetic designed especially for the actor, and which he uses throughout the film to facilitate both a vocal and physical transformation into Don Vito Corleone. So now you know. It wasn’t just great acting. It were these little balls in his cheeks!

Steve Martin’s Nose in Roxanne

As befits the non-tragic tone of the movie, the nose is too openly silly-looking to make Martin look ugly, though it does look unwieldy, especially in a shot where a bird perches on it and in a scene where Darryl Hannah slaps his face

Mark Wahlberg’s You Know in Boogie Nights

You kind of knew you were going to see it but were sort of hoping you wouldn’t right? Obviously we won’t be showing the “member” on this site but for those of you who saw the movie, you are all well aware it was something most of us dudes envy. Thank God it was only for a couple of seconds.

Dustin Hoffman’s Hook in Hook

It’s a classic in cinema history.  We’ve seen it in cartoons and we saw it in Spielberg’s Hook.  Fun movie.  Fun acting.   Awesome prosthetic.

Andreas Katsulas’s Arm in The Fugitive

The entire movie was based around Richard Kimble finding the one armed man.  And you see that flashback where he snapped the arm right off his assailant.  It’s kind of cool how you see the whole plot unfold and it’s all based around a fake arm.

Will Smith’s Arm in iRobot and Denzel’s in Virtuosity

They don’t really make a huge thing of it during both movies.  It’s kind of assumed that with the technology in these movie periods that prosthetics of this magnitude are normal.   It’s pretty cool how Will Smith slides down that badass computer at the end though.

Johnny Depp’s Scissor Hands in Edward Scissorhands

Probably the most famous fake hands in any movie ever.

Leonard Nemoy’s Ears in Star Trek

You didn’t think I’d leave those out did you?

Candyman’s Hook

What an underrate scary movie this was.  “Helen!”

  • Greg

    Uma Thurman’s thumbs in “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues”

    Does “The Human centipede” count?

  • Gabriel

    What about Coneheads?

  • Josh

    I find the lack of Guillermo del Toro films on this list to be disturbing.

  • Bert

    A lack of Bond movies too – both Jaws and the Donald Pleasance Blofeld must have had prosthetics (metal teeth and the weird eye scar).

    Oh, and Woody Harrelson’s hand in Kingpin!

  • Diva D

    I’d have had to put The Fly on here, plus the Hobbit feet from Lord of the Rings.

  • curby

    ummmm…What about the m16 and chaingun leg attachments in Planet Terror?

  • Munson

    How is it that no one has mentioned Bruce Campbell’s chainsaw-hand from the Evil Dead Movies/Bruce Campbell Versus The Army of Darkness!? Classic…

    There was even a commercial for a video game some years ago where they poked fun at it. Bruce’s neighbor had replaced his hand with a powered hedge clipper. Too funny!

  • skikes

    Marc Walbergs cock in Boogy Nights!

  • Frank

    Naked Gun 33 1/3 : that guy with the sniper-leg, LOL !

  • Quaid

    Uh, the third boob in Total Recall?

  • damnbankers

    dude. dan akroyd’s nose in “nothing but trouble”. seriously. you’re fired for leaving it off the list.

  • errantcoyote

    The Terminator peeling off, poking eye out and arm
    John Travolta all fat as a female
    Heath Ledger, Madeleine Stowe and Anna Levine faces all cut down in Dark Knight, Revenge and Unforgiven

  • trooper

    Um, Luke Skywalker’s arm? Yikes!