Memorable Moments in Movies: The Mystery Man Scene in Lost Highway


Anyone who knows David Lynch knows that they’re going into one of his movies with the expectation that their minds will be blown.  If you’ve ever seen Lost Highway then prepare to be scared as well.   Personally I find this to be one of the freakiest scenes in movie history.

I think it’s just because Robert Blake has no eyebrows and it’s just flat out scary.  Plus the fact that they mute the entire background is a little whacky.   It’s also cool that Bill Pullman is in this movie.   It’s definitely not a Pullman type of a film.  If you’re into stuff like this then check out the film.

  • David

    Isn’t this just a repeat of a previous post?

  • Tim W.

    Creepy, I can remember my bro showing me this when I was a kid and freaking me out.

  • Langolyer

    It’s creepy because I saw this movie first time two days ago…

  • John

    I thought part of what made that scene creepy was the camera getting uncomfortably close to his face.