Memorable Moments in Movies: The Final Match in Over The Top


Of all the 80s movies that Sylvester Stallone made I think that Over The Top gets overlooked the most.   I mean honestly it’s because it doesn’t compare to the Rocky or Rambo movies.   However, I certainly think that it beats out movies like Cobra or even Lock Up.  Though I have to say I loved Lock Up.

In any event, if you haven’t seen Over the Top then I think you have problems.   Stallone plays a truck driver Lincoln Hawk (best name ever by the way) who has an uncanny arm wrestling skill.  The most is a cross country adventure with Hawk trying to win back his son from his evil Father in Law.   Check out the full summary at IMDB.

Anyway, this clip is the final arm wrestling match and it’s a doozy!

  • Colebastich

    Loved this movie! I was on the amateur circuit during the 90’s, though not very good (did see a compound break though, not a good memory). Every tournament had this playing right behind the stage, over and over… Bull was actuall based on a real individual (had 0 losses his entire career), though I can’t quite remember his real name. The guy was huge (fat), and had gigantic hands…

  • Steve2

    No way. Cobra is the best non-Rocky non Rambo Sly flick. OTT would be the best if the first hour of the movie wasn’t so boring. I usually just watch the last half hour. Great soundtrack though, and one of my favorite Sly moves ever:

    “I’m though talking”. ::Pushes guy through glass door::