Memorable Moments in Movies: The Big Gulps Scene in Dumb and Dumber


“Big gulps huh?  See ya later!”  I mean this is only a 5 second scene but man did it resonate with me.   Personally I think it’s one of the best moments in the entire movie.   I don’t know if it’s because of the blatant racism or just the ignorance of the moment but I laugh my ass off every single time I see this.

I feel like it was almost “ahead of it’s time” or something.   Like it would have been better as a GIF.

  • Michael

    Not sure if I catch on to the blatant racism.. but definitely one of the best lines in the movie

    That and,

    “Why you going to the airport? Flying Somewhere?”

  • Evan

    If you see racism where it doesn’t exist, you’re the racist.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Uhhhhhh … “blatant racism”?

    What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

    But, seriously, racism?

    One of the problems with always playing the race card (not saying you are, just making an honest observation) is that it cheapens real racism by associating it with something that most likely ISN’T racist. I’ve watched it a few times, and I still have no idea where the possible racist angle is. All I see is a couple of guys sipping Big Gulps for a joke.

  • barretstrife

    Did not see how this was racism, at all. As for the joke I saw was a dumb guy see two guys drinking big gulps, and then to start conversation, he say big gulps… idk why but it is hilarious

  • jediguy

    It’s obviously racist because he’s a white guy. Duh. Everybody knows all white people are racists.

  • Michael

    Now if they were holding purple drink, then you call it racial satire, as I don’t think the Farely brothers are part of the KKK.

  • Kevin Mondered

    I wasn’t sure if it was just me who couldn’t see it or not. I thought it might have been just growing up with the movie, never understanding all the jokes but still finding them funny, or spending most of my life in Montana.
    I always thought this scene demonstrated more about the character rather than racism. It shows Lloyd, a simple character full of ignorance and innocence, just striking up conversation. If anything, the last thing I would think is racism, because he sounds so enthusiastic and the character has no sort of hate whatsoever.

  • KavehM

    Gotta agree with everyone commenting…i dont see this “blatant racism” at all…never did….

    i agree with Kevin Mondered. Its a character scene..Llyod’s just too awkward and stupid to strike up any meaningful conversation. its a GREAT scene…

  • Alfred

    This scene while hilarious was an accident. Jim carry was supposed to say something else after big gulps eh, but he forgot his line so he just said that. The director thought it was really funny and they just decided to leave it in.

  • Ryan

    The background behind this scene is that it was ad libbed by Jim Carrey on the spot. The two guys in the scene are just extras and not allowed to talk (if they talked they would have to get paid more).

    I don’t think this is a racist joke. It is probable he was just messing around on set with the extras and it just happened to translate well for the movie.

    If the two dudes were white, would it be just as funny? Probably. Does a perceived “racial tension” between Carrey and the two black guys make it funnier? Maybe. Is it blatantly racist? No.

  • KavehM

    re: What Ryan just said….

    Now THAT is what this post should have been about. Interesting point…thanks.

  • GrandWazoo

    As usual, if something really inane is written on this site, it’s most likely flowing from Nattyb’s fingers.

  • b13irteen

    Please point out the racism. It must be so blatant that I can’t see it. Seriously. It’s driving me nuts trying to figure out what you are referring to. Is there a stereotype about black people and 7-11 I’m not aware of?

  • JessKitty

    Yeah, just chiming in with the others, I don’t see racism in this. I live within walking distance of a 7-11 and *everyone* drinks big gulps or super big gulps. On a hot, summer day, that whole cold drink area of the place looks like the United Nations.

    So, now I’m curious…how IS this racist?

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Hmm. Maybe calling it “blatantly racist” is a dumb & dumber moment, no?

  • J5

    I don’t think a time has passed where my brother & I are playing online when we don’t pause for a “Big gulps, huh?” moment.

  • Brian

    Blatant racism, you serious Clark? How dumb and dumber of you.

  • Steve2

    Hey guys. Whoa, “blatent racism” huh? Alright. Welp. See ya later!!

  • Charlie Ward

    Since no one seems to have any idea what the hell you’re talking about, Nattyb, maybe you should take the time to sit down and explain it.

  • Frothy_Ham

    I think this is all part of a weird social experiment…I think we’ve all been had.

  • barretstrife

    Well if this a social experiment I am going to start a trend for Nattyb. Everytime I see a black guy, I am going to say “Big Gulps, Huh?” let the fun begin.