That’s Not a Knife; That’s a Knife! Memorable Knife-Wielders in Movies


We’ve covered movie gunfights and fictional weapons here at Unreality, but we’ve never really given any love to knives.  Knives obviously aren’t as effective as guns, and maybe that’s the reason why wielding a knife as one’s weapon of choice is so bad ass.  There are plenty of knife fights and stabbings in movies, but there aren’t too many characters that carry a knife regularly.

For the purposes of this list, I’m considering only guys who carry some sort of a knife – so you won’t find, say, Mr. Blonde and his razor in Reservoir Dogs.  Watch some memorable knife-wielders in action below.

Michael Dundee – Crocodile Dundee


The inspiration (and title) for this post comes from this scene.  Paul Hogan didn’t really do much after this character, did he?  Maybe he’s still big in Australia.

Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th movies


If the hockey mask is the object most associated with Jason, then the machete’s gotta be next.  Jason kills his victims in all sorts of ways (I still say THIS is his best kill ever), but his bread and butter has got to be the machete.

Navajas – Desperado


Danny Trejo is pretty bad ass in just about everything, and his role in Desperado is no exception.  Lots and lots of guns in this movie, but Navajas just needs his trusty throwing knives.  Ugh – I think I’d rather be shot.

Bill Cutting – Gangs of New York


As a butcher, Bill Cutting always seems to have a sharp knife on him.  He’s got a real talent for knife-throwing, but I personally like it when he taps the tip of a blade against his false eye.

The Joker – The Dark Knight


The Joker is definitely a knife guy, and he explains why in this clip.

V – V For Vendetta


V will not go quietly.  Like Navajas, V shows that sometimes you can bring a knife to a gunfight.

L.T. Bonham & Aaron Hallam – The Hunted


Both of these guys are highly skilled, and what better way for an FBI tracker and an assassin to square off than in a good old fashioned knife fight?

John Rambo – First Blood and Rambo movies


Even Rambo’s knives are tough.

Bonus Clip:  Beat It!


Not a movie, but it’s impossible (for me) to think of knife-wielding maniacs and not think of the knife fight in “Beat It.”  I still love this video.

Any knife-wielders in movies that I left off?  There must be at least a few – let me know in the comments section.


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