10 Memorable Funny Movie Quotes From Non-Famous Actors

Monster Squad

We’ve all left the movie theater and repeated memorable lines from the films we just saw.  In fact sometimes these lines become a staple in our own conversations for prolonged periods of time.  But often times these lines are uttered by the stars of the movies.  I mean it stands to reason that the most famous quotes from most movies are said by its main characters.

However, once in a while you’ll get a line from an unexpected place and it’s that line that makes you laugh your ass off.  It doesn’t happen often but it does happen.

I’ve searched far and wide but I’ve managed to fine 10 memorable funny quotes from non-famous actors.   Amazingly enough I have clips of every one of them.  Enjoy!

“I’ll Have What She’s Having” – When Harry Met Sally


Rob Reiner’s mom.  Easily one of the most famous lines of all time.

“If Peeing  in your Pants is Cool, Consider me Miles Davis” – Billy Madison


Sandler couldn’t have responded better in this scene.

“We Ain’t Found Shit” – Spaceballs


Best.  Line.  Ever.

“Oh Rat Farts!” – Caddyshack


I mean come on.  Would you EVER say Rat Farts had you not seen this movie?

“Yeah” – Trading Places


Yes I know it’s only one word but let’s face it.  When you think of this scene it’s nearly impossible to mistake.  This big dude is the man.

“What’s Happening Hot Stuff?” – Sixteen Candles


The Donger!

“Wolfman’s Got Nards!” – Monster Squad


I cannot even fathom that they are remaking this movie.

“I Want my Two Dollars” – Better off Dead


Easily one of the most repeated lines of the 80s.

“I’m listening to the f*cking song!” – Slapshot


What the hell ever happened to those guys.

“F*ck Your Momma” – Vacation


Endless lines from this movie but this is the best by a non famous person.  I personally love “Honkey Lips” written on the car.


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