Megan Fox Cast as Fathom Yields a Resounding “Duh!”


Megan Fox is about to sign on for not one, but two comic book movies. She’s set to co-star in deformed cowboy saga Jonah Hex along with Josh Brolin and John Malkovich and then set to be the lead in Fathom, a story based around about what appears to be a really, really hot version of Aquaman.

Though I’ll be damned if I’ve ever read an issue, I remember lusting over Fathom whenever she popped up in Wizard magazine, and looking back, Fathom invented Megan Fox before Megan Fox was even around. I mean seriously, look at the damn resemblance. I’ve never seen a comic book character look like an actor to this degree.

Sure, I have no idea if a film franchise based around this aqua-chick is worthwhile, but it’s clearly a part Fox was born to play and hopefully the costumes remain faithful to the comic. I bet she looked at an issue after getting the script and was like “Holy sh*t, I had no idea someone made a comic book about me! Except for that one Hentai Transformers book…”

  • John

    I love Turner’s work….but I refuse to see this if Megan Fox is in anyway a part of this. She does NOT look like Fathom at all. Fathom has a strong build while Fox has nothing but soft lines. I imagine that this movie is going to include some horrible script, no doubt horrible acting (I mean, it’s Megan Fox, come one) and Fathom as some weak chick that does nothing but babble.

    Couldn’t they have picked anyone else? Angelina would have been a better choice, imo.

    Or hell….scratch live actors and make a CG movie. PLEASE.

  • Tom

    I love Turner’s work too. But I think Megan Fox is a perfect choice. Angelina Jolie has green eyes and she has a totally different face. However I agree that Megan might wanna work out to become a little more ripped.
    I hope they will keep the comicbook costumes intact and they will have good story. I will watch the movie when it comes out – just to see if things are right.

    A CG movie is a bad idea, I rather see a cartoon.

  • McWill

    What do you mean you’ve never seen a comic book character look like some one to that degree?
    Nick Fury looked like that for a full 8 years before SLJ was cast. They modeled him after the guy.