Megan Fox Cast as Fathom Yields a Resounding “Duh!”


Megan Fox is about to sign on for not one, but two comic book movies. She’s set to co-star in deformed cowboy saga Jonah Hex along with Josh Brolin and John Malkovich and then set to be the lead in Fathom, a story based around about what appears to be a really, really hot version of Aquaman.

Though I’ll be damned if I’ve ever read an issue, I remember lusting over Fathom whenever she popped up in Wizard magazine, and looking back, Fathom invented Megan Fox before Megan Fox was even around. I mean seriously, look at the damn resemblance. I’ve never seen a comic book character look like an actor to this degree.

Sure, I have no idea if a film franchise based around this aqua-chick is worthwhile, but it’s clearly a part Fox was born to play and hopefully the costumes remain faithful to the comic. I bet she looked at an issue after getting the script and was like “Holy sh*t, I had no idea someone made a comic book about me! Except for that one Hentai Transformers book…”


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