Meet Bolaji Badejo, aka The Alien

Am I an idiot that all this time I thought that aliens were elaborately crafted puppets and robots with no one actually inside them? Yeah, I probably am. I need to watch those movies again.

Anyway, here’s what it looks like when the mask. It’s the Alien from the first movie, back when there was only one. I guess they were looking for a certain svelt body type, and Bolaji Badejo had it. Without the head it kind of just looks like a really elaborate skeleton Halloween costume. How could he see out of the head?  Is the top translucent? And holy crap you could have bought this thing? I am learning all kinds of things today.


  • Jim Lahey

    More impressive than seeing out of the head is the ability to keep the head propped up without breaking his neck. The head is enormous.

  • Nyxaria

    same as you paul i always thought aliens were robots and there is no way a human in that costume :O

    yeah but i believe that the head is somehow tied to his back rather then his neck

  • MetFanMac

    I remember reading about him… apparently, he got the job same way Peter Mayhew did with Chewbacca: they needed someone very tall and gangly (and with extra-long arms to boot), and they found him.