Marvel Studios Updates Its Superhero Movie Release Dates


Marvel recently updated its release dates for its upcoming superhero flicks, and it looks like the days of the summer blockbuster have no end in sight.  It also looks like there’s another Spider-Man movie in the works.  I demand at least 14 villains and two dance numbers.  Here’s how the dates look now:

Iron Man 2 – May 7, 2010

Thor – June 17, 2011

Spider-Man 4 – May 6, 2011

The First Avenger: Captain America – July 22, 2011

The Avengers – May 4, 2012

I should probably point out that Captain America will be the first and last avenger, as everyone knows that the world ends in 2012, so don’t get your hopes up for The Avengers, unless you are a robot or a ghost.  Otherwise, enjoy!

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  • WhatITis

    i thought the world is supposed to end on Dec. 21st 2012 well thats when the Myan calendar ends at least so yea we get to watch avengers and then buy the dvd and then die

  • Madison

    @ WhatITis

    I wouldn’t worry too much. The Mayans didn’t even employ wheels properly, and we’re supposed to take them seriously about the end of the world?

  • Bert

    Wait – the calendar on my desk ends on December 31st, 2009. Does that mean that the world is going to end then instead?