Mario Goes Indie for SXSW


I’ve seen a number of films that have tried to bring Mario into the real world before, but this was one apparently so revered, it was chosen to be a film bumper for SXSW that showed in between the actual movies.

It takes the story of Mario and makes it a drug fueled indie flick where a stricken Mario takes shroom and star-branded ecstacy in order to fight and win his girl back. But does she even need to be saved?

The film is shot by Joe Nicolosi, and you can see more of his SXSW bumpers here.

  • Anon E. Moose

    Epic stuff. I’m gonna call my kid Goomba…
    I wonder if there are any kids called Goomba, Bowser or something of the sorts.

  • Gsoto

    They forgot the latest indie release by the band you probably never heard of.