Mandarin: The Homeless Pimp


I don’t usually comment on movie posters, but I had to when this one premiered for Iron Man 3. It’s Ben Kingsley as Mandarin, and I guess they wanted to distance themselves from the “evil Chinese sorcerer” stereotype that might have gotten them in trouble, particularly since Kingsley isn’t actually asian.

Rather, they’ve opted to go with a concept that’s more like “What might that hobo who wheels a cart full of doll’s heads around during the day look like as a comic book supervillain?” Throw in a dash of Jarl of Whiterun pimp-chillin, and you’ve got yourself a lead bad buy.

This plus Guy Pearce? I don’t care if Favreau is gone, this has to be good.

  • He is half Asian, actually. His father was Indian. Anyway I knew what you meant. He’s certainly not half Chinese like Mandarin.

  • David R

    Frankly, I’ll take Shane Black over Jon Favreau any day.

  • Cosmin

    As a previous comment pointed out, given that his given name was Krishna Pandit Bhanji, I would say that yes, he’s at least part Asian.