Man, All I Got Was Barack Obama

When you graduate, you want your commencement speaker to be someone who is able to inspire you, to say words of wisdom that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

My school, the University of Michigan, had Barack Obama do those honors last year, but I would have much rather had another powerful figure, mother****ing Denzel Washington!

Those lucky SOBs at he University of Pennsylvania (is that the same as Penn State?) somehow wrangled him, and though I don’t have the audio (update: I have audio AND video) it certainly looks like a grand presentation.

  • No

    UPenn and Penn State are not the same.

    UPenn is an Ivy League school in Philadelphia.
    Penn State is in State College in the middle of the state.

  • Madison

    Really? Is Michigan the same as Michigan State?

  • I got confused because when I was Googling it said he spoke at Penn State. Then I looked at the video with the Penn State name and it says UPenn. Confusing. Also the amount of painkillers I’m on is not current helping me process this.

  • UPenn is a much better school. Penn State is the football one, the Nittany Lions. You’ve probably seen the logo.

    That happens a lot, like Madison said Michigan is a prime example, Florida is another.

  • Bill Cosby speaks every year at the Temple graduation ceremony.

  • Jeremy

    I’m happy to know a good writer come out of U of M. You should’ve still went to Ohio State..we have some kickass speakers, like Mindy Kaling and Bruce Springsteen!

    Go Bucks!

  • C
  • Hehe, nice pictures

  • Mikey

    Michigan State is better. Maybe not academically, but in everything else, we’re better

  • Drew

    His son goes to the school.
    Its definitely Ivy League, where as Penn State is the biggest party school in the state, possibly country.
    State Penn is where you go when you commit a crime.

  • haha

    haha he knows what Penn State is. If he went to Michigan he does.