Mad Hatter Engagement Photos Might Be Too Far Through the Looking Glass

Mmm, alright. I think it’s about time to draw the line on what constitutes a cool themed engagement photoshoot. I loved the zombie attack. I liked the ninjas. I was a little iffy about the Jedi, but now Alice in Wonderland? Yeesh.

The costumes are top notch to be sure, but it’s just a little…strange to me. Though I guess that is kind of the point, and any couple who would do this is probably a bit odd themselves. In a fun way, of course.

The gallery is from Erin and Matt and whoops, these aren’t actually engagement photos, but were taken on the day of their wedding. Where did they find the time? See the rest below:

  • wevs

    I’ll be honest – I love the Lewis Carroll stories about Alice, but why would anyone choose to use the mentally crippling interpretation of Tim Burton is beyond me. If I had to pick between me dressed up as Johnny Depp in drag or my wife-to-be dressed as Whoopie Goldberg in a fur suit (a la Hallmark’s 1999 Alice in Wonderland production) I’d definitely go with the later, not because I won’t be degraded, but because it just made more sense.

  • JessKitty

    Weddings are cosplay enough in their own way, we don’t need to make it worse.