Luke Skywalker, Jedi Mechanic

This is a rather awesome piece of fan art I thought I’d share with you guys. It features Luke Skywalker building his green lightsaber, something we never really saw in the movies, yet it showed up and started kicking ass quite quickly in Return of the Jedi.

I supposed using the Force is more efficient to assemble your lightsaber, but I have to wonder, does he have force powers with his robotic hand? I mean, I understand it’s all the mind, but then why use hands at all? Could you Force push without shoving your hand out in front of you?  Would it work with the robot hand?

The artist is Frank Stockton, as it turns out. Apologies for not knowing that off the top of my f*cking head.

  • L4NkYb

    I think the hand motions are just supposed to be a means of focusing. For (a ridiculous theoretical) example, it’s much easier to push that rock with your mind if you actually make the motion to push with your hands. Plus it looks better on camera.

    And my guess (just a guess) is Frank Stratford.

  • HalifaxScott

    There are some pretty good forum discussions on the subject. I believe that the general consensus is that arms are not strictly necessary for force manipulation, but rather act as a guide for the mind.

    There was a pretty lively discussion on Wookieepedia for a while, this is the pruned down version:

  • Josh

    Neo uses the Force (let’s admit it, people. Neo was the greatest Jedi to ever live) to stop the bullets in the first film and doesn’t use his hands. That count for anything?

    Anyway, I always saw the use of one’s arms as a reverse lightning rod of sorts. It’s the path your guide your concentrated force out of. If you’ve played Force Unleashed or seen the trailers for Force Unleashed II, you’d see that they make Force Push very visible and it comes as a spiral down Starkiller’s arm and out of his fingertips.

  • Chozo

    I agree with L4NkYb.
    And I refer to the novel “Eragon” where is explained that you can always use magic/force with your mind but when you are distracted it might gets out of control so its better to use a spell.
    A example: Inflaming your stove with your mind can set the whole house on fire but saying “fire there in the stove” is much easier.

  • David Dean

    Metal hand = cybernetic antenna

    Uhm, yeah… that’s it.

  • Lester

    I’ll let the clip do all the talking, while it’s not exactly the same….

  • Andrew

    The name of the artist is Frank Stockton

  • Len

    This illustration was for Topps’ Star Wars Galaxy Series 5 trading cards. And yes, it is by Frank Stockton.


    Seriously, the author couldn’t have done 2 minutes of research after finding this fan-art? This and recent other shit posts from this once good website are the reason I’m leaving and going elsewhere for my internet lists. Peace out, you used to be funny.

  • Darth Vader has metal hands and he can use the force as shown in the first Star Wars movie: where he force chokes that Imperial Officer. So it stands to reason that Luke could use the force in a similar way to construct his light-saber.