Love Never Dies

So what you see here is not an inherently amusing image, rather it’s the first two panels I made of a screen-grab comic-ish type joke that you can catch the rest of after the jump, as it was far too long (vertically) to post here.

I will admit I did not invent the original idea, but I took it upon myself to improve upon the telling of it. A link to the original will follow my version below.

Well that was the unfunniest lead in I’ve ever written to something , but anyway, here goes:

For the more blunt explanation of this, and where I got this idea from, head here.

  • Cal

    Fade to black with him sinking then…BBRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHMMM!!!!

    This is awesome Paul.

  • Ahaha I totally posted this too earlier this week. I like what you did with it. It also made me think of that random movie Leo did called The Beach. I pretty much have a whole different understanding of his career now.

  • Tim


  • Steve

    Ya know it’s funny, we’re talking about all these movies he’s done where water is involved. I can still remember watching an interview he did on mtv back when the “Romeo and Juliet” remake had just been released (like 1996). They asked him if he got annoyed with water from doing all those scenes in the rain. Leo said that he’d become like a cat and absolutely hates the water now. He must’ve been thrilled when the next movie he did was Titanic lol.

  • PaulSassi

    So was Inception all in Jack’s head? O_o

  • Reminds me of the first time I saw a fan-made/fake trailer now a few years ago:

  • MetFanMac

    Totally saw that coming XD