Living in the Age of Ultron


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Marvel just debuted a new preview poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is actually eight posters showcasing all eight of the Avengers that will appear in the next film. Additions are Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, seen in a few panels above.

I’m also not quite sure who the guy in the cape is in the distance there, any guesses?

Hawkeye is really struggling here. I guess having actual superpowers is sort of important when you’re fighting murderous robots. Although Black Widow appears to be punching them in the face just fine.


  • Brendan McAlinden

    No need to guess, it’s Vision.He’s one of the longest standing members of the Avengers and the most OP character in the SNES Avengers game

  • gokuh013

    its the Vision, an android created by Ultron ……in the IMDB page of Avengers 2, Paul Betany appears casted as the Vision

  • Lucas Tetrault

    For shame Paul … 😉

    Vision is actually created by Ultron (as Gokuh states) and is husband to the scarlet witch. (odd that she’d go with an android – but with Betany’s voice, what woman wouldn’t want some android loving…?)

  • Pádraig Markham

    Its Hyperion

  • Wesley Dunlap

    Look at the stirred up robos under him, im guessing Magneto