Liam Neeson and I Share a Love for Sports


Why am I posting this clip of Liam Neeson on Sportscenter? Well A) It’s hilarious and B) it reminds me of the kinds of conversations I’m forced to have with my barber which usually go like:

Barber: So did you see the Tigers game last night?

Me: Yeah, that was…something.

Barber: Can you believe Verlander?

Me: Oh yeah, he was crazy.

Barber: Hard to believe that even happened!

Me: Yeah, that uh, one hit was uh, quite a hit.

In the video above, Neeson’s line about “celebrating athleticism” made be burst out laughing uncontrollably. Maybe when they said they were going to talk about football, he forgot what country he was in.


  1. Tim W. October 5, 2012
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