Leonardo the Crybaby

After looking at this film, I really do have to wonder. What the hell does Leonardo DiCaprio have to do to win an Oscar? He’s literally done everything humanly possible at this point in his career. He’s…

– played a troubled youth (The Basketball Diaries)

– played a mentally retarded kid (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape)

– played a historical figure in a biopic (The Aviator)

– been in a politically conscious acclaimed film (Blood Diamond)

– been in an angsty depressing Oscar nominated drama (Revolutionary Road)

– starred in two Best Picture winners (Titanic, The Departed)

– made sure to give an “emotional” performance in nearly every one of his movies (as seen above)

Really, what else could he do at this point? He’s allegedly doing the “historical figure” thing again in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar Hoover biopic, which is two more Oscar ingredients right there, but something tells me that won’t pan out either.

Does he really not deserve it, or are the members of the Academy just being dicks at this point?

[thanks to MadFishesTheBlog for this awesome pic]


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