‘Legion’ Poster Shows My Almost Halloween Costume


After watching the trailer for Legion, I decided that I was going to try to be a battle angel for halloween, due to the extreme awesomeness of the fight scene between Gabriel (pictured) and Michael.

But once I realized that large black angel wings cost $50 by themselves, I had a change of heart. So what am I going as? I’m currently deciding between Mad Max and a Japanese eighth grader from Battle Royale. Either way I will most likely be posting pictures, so look forward to that.

See an ass ton more Legion banners over at JoBlo.

  • Josh

    We need more Kevin Durand. Just watched the trailer and I am hyped. Bettany, Durand, Tyrese (hey, he’s cool and can bring some unexpected humor), and Dennis Quaid (who I still have faith in even if he has been on a crapfest lately). This should be awesome.

  • Korinthian

    Stupid trailer doesn’t work.

    Why would Sony *not* encourage people to see the trailer? Boneheads.

  • Madison

    I think I’m going to shave my head, strip down to nothing, and paint my entire body blue for Halloween. Dr. Manhattan!