Leaked Footage from Robert Rodriguez’s Predators!


I’m sorry, was that mean? It was probably mean. I had a whole story prepared about how it was the secret, ancient Predators mating dance that was a part of the new film, but I sort of doubted that you’d buy that. And no offense, but I would have thought in the thousands of years it takes to develop space travel and cloaking technology, someone would have invented some better dance moves.

In reality, I’m informed that this is on the set of Predators 2, and it’s just the cast messing around in between takes. Not a bad way to blow off steam, but I have to imagine it gets pretty hot in those things.

Now, if only they could challenge an Alien crew to a dance off that would decide the fate of the universe. That’s an Aliens vs. Predators 3 I’d actually watch.

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