L.A.R.P. – Live Avatar Role-Playing


“A Portrait of the Na’vi of Hometree, Wisconsin.”

This rather hilarious video chronicles the endeavors of a group of average humans who slap on some blue body paint and become so much more. If you’ve seen Role Models, or are a social outcast, you know what LARP is. It’s when people dress up in cardboard armor and wield styrofoam swords and fight each other in the woods pretending they’re all medieval nights and wizards and shit. Well, Avatar-LARP is kind of like that, but rather, it’s heavy on bonding with plants and swaying to rhythmic music.

I was actually pretty bummed when this turned out to be a parody, as I KNOW that somewhere, someone is actually doing this. If you can find one of THOSE videos, please send it in so we can all have a good laugh.

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  1. Madison February 16, 2010

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