The Legendary Kraken as Portrayed in Movies and Video Games


I personally don’t see the big draw about Clash of the Titans, but I know that it can’t be Sam Worthington.  The marketing is unavoidable, of course, and all the previews seem to suggest that the Kraken fight will be a huge action sequence.  The Kraken also appears on large posters in the New York subways along with the movie’s release date.  The Kraken is ubiquitous.

Clash of the Titans isn’t the first time the Kraken has been shown in a movie – far from it, actually.  It’s appeared in many movies over the years – most recently in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – as well as in many video games.  The thing is, there are many ways to interpret the Kraken, and as result, one version of the Kraken may look very different from another.  Some are like squids, others seem almost humanoid.  To see what I mean, take a look at the legendary Kraken as portrayed in movies and video games below.

Legendary (video game)


Clash of the Titans (2010)


Clash of the Titans (1981)


Final Fantasy (video game)


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest


God of War II (video game)


Shining Force 2 (video game)


Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep


Scribblenauts (video game)


Resistance 2 (video game)


  • Brendan

    Kraken in Shining force 2 was my favorite. It was the turning point in the whole game! It was when you first got Luke, everyone should start to be promoted and Peter pretty much fought the whole battle…good times. =]

  • Froghunter

    Nice list
    + Easter Egg Kraken in Assassin`s Creed 2
    + Kraken Boss Fight in Indiana Jones and the Emperor`sTomb

  • Nerd

    You forgot the Kraken from SNES’s Earthbound.

  • Hershell L.

    You forgot the Kraken in Earthbound for SNES.

  • Ellie

    Love both Scribblenauts and Resistance 2.

  • tissmekyle

    there is all so a kraken in the disney movie atlantis which is basically a giant mechanical scorpian.

  • Stefan

    And a couple of Krakens in the strategy card game; Magic The Gathering!

  • Jen T.

    You also forgot to list the Kraken my ass!

  • Matt

    What about the movie Deep Rising I would say personally that’s pretty much a Kraken.