Kevin Spacey Cast as Jack Abramoff in Actual Movie


Aw man, out of all the real life scandals of the past few years, we’re making a movie about Jack Abramoff? Yup, and despite a cool title (the project is called “Casino Jack”), the story of shady dealings with Indian casinos doesn’t exactly have me counting down the days until the release.

In a similar vein, I’d almost rather see a Bernie Madoff  movie (if you’re name ends in “off” you should a pparently be on some sort of watch list) starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. But I suppose this project could be fairly interesting, though I’ll need a refresher course on the whole Abramoff scandal. So far the major point I remember is that he wore a fedora that made him look like a mobster (see above) and The Daily Show made fun of him for it.

I could see Kevin Spacey in a fedora.

[via Variety]

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