10 Incredible Works by Joseph Kosinski


Most movies released in 3-D IMAX don’t need to be seen in 3-D IMAX (looking at you, Alice in Wonderland), but I think that Tron Legacy is going to be an exception.  I saw a preview for Tron Legacy before Toy Story 3 last weekend and frankly, it looked hella impressive.  It’s directed by Joseph Kosinski, someone I had never heard of – but after a minimal amount of research, I found out that I’m actually familiar with some of his work.  While Tron Legacy is Kosinski’s first full-length feature, he’s directed short films and commercials, most notably those awesome Gears of War television ads that everyone (rightfully) goes so crazy about.  Check out 10 very impressive works by Joseph Kosinski below.  Just from his style alone, I’m anticipated that Tron Legacy is going to be a gorgeous film.

Tron Legacy Trailer


The Twins – Nike Ad


EYE-D – Nike Ad


Chevy Malibu Ad


Gears of War 2 – Last Day


Gears of War – Mad World


Halo 3 – Starry Night


Desert House


Hummer Ad


Saab Blackbird


  • FrankenPC

    He’s certainly got the style necessary to pull it off. Does he have the substance or ability to keep plot continuity going through a feature length film.

    And MOST IMPORTANTLY, does he love Tron like we do. It’s love that make the truly great films.

  • Madison

    @ FrankenPC

    Let’s hope he does. There’s certainly some substance to his short video game ads, so I’m optimistic.

  • Well, if any of the Gears of War ads are anything to go by, I’d highly recommend any movie this guy does!!

  • zero

    I want to watch a movie directed by the Halo ODST commerical director. Heck, I will take a halo movie in that spirt, just kill things for an hour and half.

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