‘Jonah Hex’ Poster is Oh My God Megan Fox’s Waist


I was about to launch into a big thing about how the Photoshop people went way the hell overboard on this poster, as there’s no humanly possible way Megan Fox’s waist can get that small with any amount of constriction, but then I googled some of the old leaked set shots from the film and BAM! It would seems to be all real.

I assume after filming this movie, Megan Fox’s intestines will be permanently relocated to her uterus and her stomach and liver will now be inside her left and right boob respectively.

Oh, also, Josh Brolin is in this movie too, doing…something.

  • Madison

    Do you think people will still care about Fox in 2010? I predict thiss movie bombs and proves once and for all that Fox ISN’T a box office draw.

  • I read in an Entertainment Weekly interview with Megan Fox that in that movie they got her waist down to 19 inches… That is insane. She could be lying, I guess we’ll have to wait for the movie to see…

    @Madison- By 2010 Megan Fox will be a distant memory and fanboys will have moved on to someone younger and hotter, perhaps Emma Watson…

  • @Madison; Well, she drew me to the cinema.. And I’m gay. Honestly, she is the only good reason to watch T2ROTF. Just pretend she’s not trying to act, take a few aspirins for the WAY too heavily pasted-together action sequences and mute the movie anytime Shia opens that gabtrap of his :p

  • And sorry, but in my humble opinion Emma Watson is just as, if not more overrated than Fox. Given that of the two, Emma of course is a genuinely better actress, I’ll not dispute that. And she may be a good actress, but I hate it when they start hiping those poor girls from the moment they grow out of their diapers! Just give them some time to grow into greatness in their own time.

  • Madison

    @ Gauthier

    I think Watson is adorable, but I also think that her ability to actually act helps her cause.

  • Laplace

    I love this Emma Watson phenomenon online.
    I think it’s probably that combination of

    “Wow, she seems to be so clever. She is probably more intelligent than me. And omg! she’s gorgeous. Elegant. Look at that lovely gentle personallity. She seems so innocent, just like a princes. And she has a britisch accent!”

    which gives her a dream girlfriend charisma. So you natuarally fall for her.
    Megan Fox on the other hand has an unlikable attitude.

    Concerning Hotness:
    Objectify Emma Watson is good looking but she isn’t that hot. I mean she is hot, but not Megan Fox hot.
    Emma could be that beautiful girl I go to starbucks for, bacause she works there as a shopgirl in the holidays. Megan is that random smiling hot chick they use on the poster to advertise their 5€ shakes.

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  • cdalkire

    I’ve worn a corset like the one Megan is wearing, way back when I had a 24″ waist to begin with. (I was working with my mother and wearing lots of 1890’s vintage clothing.) 19″ is very doable, but you can’t breathe in very deep or bend over. Also, it hurts when it comes off afterwards.

  • Swap

    Emma Watson, you mean the airport-like-forehead girl?
    Lol, maybe, shes not hot, though, she does her job quite decently…
    Fox… she´s hot, and she will be maybe the next 5 to 8 years, unless she gets third degree burns on a car crash or something.

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  • Madison

    @ cdalkire

    I saw a girl at Comic Con a few years ago wearing a corset. Her waist couldn’t have been more than 15 inches. It was freaky.

    @ Swap

    Airport-like-forehead? That’s the first thing I look for in a woman.