Jerry Bruckheimer Calmly Narrates Some Prince of Persia Footage


In what might be the most soothing interview I’ve ever seen, Jerry Bruckheimer talks about his new Prince of Persia project, and all the while showing us some of the first clips from the movie.

The whole thing kind of looks like Ben Hur meets live-action Aladdin, and I was half expecting a CGI genie to pop up and start granting wishes.

When asked about “what Jake Gyllenhaal brings to the film” Bruckheimer opens with “he’s very handsome, and incredibly in shape,” adding later that oh yeah, he’s a good actor too.

I’m not in any way shape or form excited about this project, not because it’s video-game based, but just because it doesn’t look terribly interesting. But I’ll see it nonetheless come next May; I just hope they add in genies and magic carpets and fez wearing monkeys by then.

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